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The Clay Road Foundation could not exist without your kind and generous support each year. Our many endeavors to register and sponsor contemporary artists continue due to the generous funding of people who wish to make a contribution to the arts in a global community. Our artists need the sponsorship of larger organizations to become successful and market themselves. 

The Clay Road Foundation was founded in 2005 by The Wild Lily Institute and continues to promote fine artists who are excelling, educated and formally trained. We accept for registration artists of all mediums, yet only the finest are chosen for this special designation of Registered Artists. The funding donated to our organization allows us to meet artists around the world, and access art venues for the purpose of acquiring patrons, sponsors and donors.

The VIP patron level, our highest honor, is reserved for charitable gifts of $5,000 and more a year. The patron level is from $1,000 a year, the sponsor level is from $500 a year, and donors are any donations from $5-$500. 

We extend our thanks to you for partnering with us in our endeavor to reach our fundraising goals.

To contribute by check or money order, address to The Wild Lily Institute 

and send it to our mailing address: 

Clay Road Foundation / WLI

P.O. 3366

Mission, B.C. Canada

V2V 4J5

or donate through our secure system now.


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The Mission of Art


The mission of art, and that of the Clay Road Foundation is to preserve the artefacts and expression of skilled creativity, craft, medium and learned word side by side with others in community on the clay road.

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