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The Clay Road Foundation welcomes new artists!

Join an art organization that values community and diversity.

Become a member! We offer representation and opportunities for artists, both in North America and internationally, to become registered artists.

Artists of all mediums! Whether you are a visual artist, painter, writer, dancer, actor, sculptor, or designer, we invite you to join our global art community by becoming a regular visitor to our site. View the monthly exhibits by our artists, and their websites.

Represent your country! Our artists represent the many countries of the world and their cultures.

Join as Emerging, Student, Senior, or Professional! Our artists come from many walks of life; some are emerging, some students, seniors, or professional.

Create with your talent! In every lifetime, there is the opportunity to harness skill, life experience, talent, and creativity to create.

Follow the Clay Road! The Clay Road is a metaphor for life in art. Be an artist that makes a difference.

The Creative Place of Art

Create in response to life's triumphs and tragedies. 

Create to become the person you were meant to be.

Live in art, in all seasons, in all elements, in both day and night, in both light and shadow.

Be inspired by the many lives and faces, stories and works of creativity represented here.

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The Mission of Art


The mission of art, and that of the Clay Road Foundation is to preserve the artefacts and expression of skilled creativity, craft, medium and learned word side by side with others in community on the clay road.

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